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Residential Real Estate

The purchase or sale of a properties are usually the most significant financial transaction which families go through. A purchase requires your solicitor to properly inspect the title of propose purchase property to ensure that there are no outstanding charges which can hinder your ownership, receive the proper bills of sale and warranties from the vendor, and of course, to deliver the property to your possession.

A sale requires your lawyer to ensure that all documents and keys are received from the other parties lawyer, proper instruments are discharged and funds are released only once everything is satisfactory.

If you are looking to buy or sell property in Ontario, call Empel Law for experience legal help in doing so.

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From time to time, you may find yourself in a situation when you voluntarily or not, need to have you current mortgage discharged in favor of a different mortgage. This require one charge to be taken off title and paid out, and the new charge to be properly registered.

At Empel Law, we have experience dealing with Canada’s major lending institutions such as the big five banks, and smaller lenders such a Community Trust Company. If you are looking to refinance your property call Empel Law to represent you in this important transaction.

Private Mortgages

A private mortgage is a loan between two individuals which is secured by the equity in  a property owned by the borrower.  These are complicated legal transactions during which both lawyers and mortgage brokers work in conjunction to ensure that the lender’s interests are properly protected.

An improperly carried out private mortgage registration can result in a total loss of the loan to the lender. A properly carried out registration will result in a virtually total security of repayment to the lender.