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Estate Planning

As the average age of Canadians rise, proper estate planning is more important than ever. This does not just pertain to “Who gets everything when I die?”. You are never to young to start planning aged. A power of attorney can grant a trusted loved one the ability to administer your assets when you are no longer able to do so. A trust fund can begin generating additional sources of income, or to take care of your dependents long before your passing.

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A founding principle of Canadian estate law is that no one can tell you what do with our property after your passing. Paradoxically after you pass, you cannot direct what is to be done with your assets either. This is where the Will comes in. Governed in Canada by the provisions in the Succession Law Reform Act, a Will, only if executed properly, will decided the disposition of your estate. Most of the time, a valid Will, will greatly reduce the burden on your family friends after your death. Almost always, it will also decrease the amount of money that is to be spent on the administration and distributions of your assets.

At Empel Law, our knowledge of estates and trusts can help you, or your close ones, navigate this difficult area of law and reduce the stress of what is always a stressful period of your life.


Trusts are legal mechanisms whereby one individual is the beneficiary owner of property, which is controlled by another individual. This is usually done when there is a minor who is the beneficiary or heir of a substantial asset. However, it also happens when an adult for whatever reason cannot care for their own assets. This is an extremely complex area of law and while the trustee is often a close family member or friend, it is possible to retain a professional like a lawyer or trust administrator.

At Empel Law, we can help you set up a trust for whatever your estate needs might be.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney allows you to give someone else the legal power to make decisions on your behalf when for whatever reason you can not make them yourself. These are generally broken up into two different documens:

  • A Power of Attorney for Personal Care designates a person who can make decisions about your personal health care, housing and other aspects of your personal life when you can no longer do so.
  • A Power of Attorney for Property designates a person who can decisions about your financial affairs such a paying your bills, maintaining or selling your house, managining your investments etc.

A Power of Attorney, however, is always bound by good faith to manage your assets in a prudent fashion and solely in your best interest.

Call Empel Law if you are interest in drafting either or both such documents.

Estate Litigation

From time to time a dispute might arise about the distribution of assets of an estate, designation of executor or trustee, or any other number of issues that involve estate matters.

Arkadiusz J. Empel of Empel Law is an experienced litigator who will work tirelessly on your case to achieve the best possible result.